HVAC Services in Dunn

McKeelworks Inc. in Dunn provides the services you need for your heating and air systems. This includes exterior projects, and home and business operations. We have a range of promos, too! Read more about our services below.

McKeelworks Inc. has certified technicians on call 24/7 for any of your unexpected problems that may happen! We service all brands of heating and air systems, in both residential and commercial applications. Our technicians will find the problem (service charge), and consult with you on what we have found and the cost of repair before taking the next step. McKeelworks Inc. has great prices, and are never offended by a customer who would like a second estimate. For systems that are beyond repair, “No Problem!” McKeelworks Inc. has a team that wants to install the best system for your setting. We sell systems that we’ve had the least problems with over the previous 5 years to ensure you will be getting what you are paying for. With proper paperwork and having your system properly checked each year, you will receive a 10 year warranty on both coils and compressor on most of our leading brand systems. Labor warranty will vary from job to job, but most will come with at least a 2 year labor warranty. If your air quality isn’t great or your allergies tend to keep you from getting a good night’s rest, we can help there also. Mckeelworks Inc. performs complete duct change-outs. We remove the old ducts and install metal ducts, spiral ducts, or flex ducts. We use a masic to duct seal every job, so you aren’t paying to cool your attic or heat your crawl space! Whether the cold air has come, work has slowed down, or if you’re getting back from a hot vacation, we have particular systems that we can offer 100% financing. No down payment needed!

When it comes to residential and commercial addition, renovation, or improvements, we’ve “GOTCHA COVERED!” We cover complete home/business renovations, or just a bathroom remodel. We tackle small and large home additions, or we can take your flat roof and turn it into the A-frame roof that you’ve always wanted. If all you want is can lights installed in your kitchen, or a tile floor in your bathroom, we can do that, too! If you want granite, marble, or quartz, we can install these on any counter anywhere! While giving an estimate, we are often asked, “How many contractors will be in and out of our home/business?” or “How many different checks will I have to write?” We always love telling our customers that every tradesman, tile man, sheet-rocker, plumber, electrician, painter, and etcetera are employees for McKeelworks Inc. Two or three checks will be written during the course of your renovation, and are always written to McKeelworks Inc. The contractor that you build a relationship with on day one is the same contractor that will be the one who shakes your hand on the final day of completing your project!

When we complete your indoor projects, let us give you a quote on your outdoor projects as well! We have built many custom fences where every board has to be cut, or we can simply install a chain link fence. With the proper lifts, we can trim trees from above homes and buildings, or we can freshen up that gravel driveway by simply delivering new loads of rock! Have you been thinking of building a stone patio, deck, or brick fire pit? We’ve gotcha covered! Always remember, if you prefer to work with the contractor you already know, then that’s who we’ll send back!

We have a lot to offer. Take a moment to see how we can bless your family even if we don’t perform any projects for you!

  • McKeelworks Inc. offers free estimates on any project!
  • When McKeelworks Inc. completes 3 or more different projects for any individual, within a 30 day period, you will receive 5% off of that 3rd job and any additional work performed over the next year from that point.
  • When we install a new HVAC system for you, we will come back and clean your system twice over the 1st year at no additional cost!
  • When we perform a home and/or business renovation over the amount of $5,000, we’ll offer to clean your HVAC system 2 times within a year of completing your project.
  • While performing any projects at your home or business, we can take a look at your HVAC system at NO SERVICE CHARGE!
  • Now you say, “How can I be BLESSED?” Please tell all your friends and family about us, and when we perform a job of $500 or more that was referred by you, we will drop a gift card of $25 or more in your hands! If the job amount exceeds $5,000, we will give the gift card and perform a free coil cleaning at your place of residence.